Cultural differences can come up especially when you are online dating and partners come from different parts of the country or the world. You can handle these cultural differences by being patient with one another, educating yourself, asking questions about cultural norms, and compromising.

Being Patient With One Another

It can take time to learn about each other’s cultures, especially if they are rooted in religion. It can take time to get to know everything important and even the small nuances.

If you can see that your partner is putting in the effort, be gentle with them. It can be a lot to remember and it is essentially learning a new way of life.

If it is you learning more than them, you can remind your partner to be gentle with you as well. It’s a new experience so it will take time to get it right, and that’s okay.

Educating Yourself

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their culture. Sometimes it can sound ignorant and you can even admit to this – it is okay if you have never experienced it or don’t know much about their culture!

Your partner will appreciate that you are trying to learn.

Do your own research as well, and ask your partner questions while you are video dating. Ask them to show you different aspects of their culture around their home, or, if you are video dating on the go, maybe they can show you things in their neighborhood as well.

Asking Questions About Cultural Norms

Sometimes there are aspects of cultures that we don’t agree with, and that’s okay. Ask questions about cultural norms: Is it something that is done because of religion? Is it a family tradition or belief that has been carried on?

If there is something you don’t agree with, have an open and honest conversation about it during your online dating sessions. It is good to bring these things up early so that you can discuss them and get to know the other person’s reasoning.


In any relationship, there will be compromises. Whether you are in the online dating phase or you are living together.

Compromising and communicating with each other is a great way to show respect for one another and to bond. Not everything will be exactly how you want it to be, and no relationship is 100%.

Showing your partner you care for them by doing things the way they want it done, whether that’s doing cultural norms or with simple chores around the house will be noticed and appreciated.