Old pics or no pics

Sometimes you find a match with an amazing profile but old pics. Well, fine, that’s what video dating is for. You can see them and interact with them, because that’s how it’s supposed to work. Every now and again, though, you’ll meet with someone who can’t or won’t give you new pictures and always finds an excuse not to go to video.

Don’t waste your time. If they don’t want to show you a current picture, there’s a reason. They should be willing to video chat or at the very least, send you something current so that you know if you find them attractive and also importantly – that they are who they say they are!

Too much sweet talk

Too much sweet talk in the beginning can be a big red warning flag. If they are talking to you like you have already been dating for awhile or flooding you with too many compliments with suspicious smoothness then this is something you don’t want to ignore.

Too much sweet talk can be an indicator that this person is just looking for a hookup and that they’ve had a lot of practice doing this. If you are looking for someone who will be with you for the long haul, then watch out for too much sweet talk. You might just be talking to a ‘player’!

Too much interest in their ex

A too-common problem that many of us find on our video dates is someone who won’t shut up about their ex! They’ll tell you all the bad things that this person did or how awful that person is in general, instead of getting to know you and letting you get to know them.

There’s a funny adage that fits nicely for this type of behavior which goes ‘Sometimes when the plane crashes, it’s the pilot’s fault’. If the person that you are video dating can’t stop talking about their ex, then it probably means one of two things.

Either they aren’t over their ex and ready to move on or they are collecting ex’s from their own bad behavior. Either way, don’t waste your time. It won’t go well and the next ex that they’ll be talking so much about to the world might just be YOU.

Lazy profiles

Our online profiles are something that we generally take a little time with. It’s the first impression that people get of us and a way to tell people a little more about ourselves so that they can decide if they’d like to get to know us better.

Too often you’ll run into profiles where you just see a nice pic and something minimal written, like ‘chat me LOL’ and nothing more. This is a huge red flag. This person isn’t even trying hard. Maybe they feel that their picture is enough, but more likely they are just looking for a hookup. Worse, it might even be a fake profile!

If they can’t take the time to write a few sentences about themselves then why take time to get to know them? You can do better, so skip that person and move on to someone who cares.

Some final words

In this article we’ve talked about some online dating red flags and a lot of them just make good, solid sense. Don’t waste time with people who won’t video chat or even provide recent pictures, as they are probably hiding something.

Too much sweet talk or dwelling on problems with an ex is also something to avoid… there’s something wrong there and you shouldn’t have to worry.

Finally, watch out for lazy profiles. If they want to be vague, let them be vague with someone else, because you are looking for the ONE. So, just follow these tips and be on your way.  The right one is waiting, you’ve just got to find each other!