Let’s talk about video dating before you turn that camera on!

Video dating has gained in popularity, especially in this day and age! The problem is that not everyone knows how to prepare. Arranging your room the right way can is critical and with that in mind, we’ve got some tips on how to arrange your room before video dating to help ensure your chances for date number two!

Let’s talk about video dating and the things that you need to know before you turn that camera on!

Clean up your space

When you’ve invested a lot of time in an online dating site and narrowed down your dating matches, you don’t want to make the mistake of failing to clean your room. After all, if you were going on a physical date, you’d definitely clean up your appearance and at least do some minimal clean-up at home.

With video dating, cleaning up is much more important. While someone might still stay at your apartment if it was a little cluttered and messy because they are already there, with a video date they’ll just make a judgement and you might not hear from them again.

So, clean your space up now. You only get that one chance at a good first impression.

Consider your lighting

Different rooms are going to have different light quality and you need to factor this in. Turning on your camera while you aren’t in a video chat can let you survey different areas to ensure that you’ve got exactly the light-level you are looking for.

That way you can have either high-res clarity or the mysterious mystique of low-level lighting – that part is up to you!

Add a little personality to the background

Your background should tell your date a little something about yourself and proper arrangement of items in the house can do exactly that, while also helping to provide points of conversation. For instance, if you play guitar, you can lean one in the background. Maybe you like anime figures or antique books, and these are also easy to put on display.

Make the background look nice because a video date is much like an interactive show – and you want to keep your viewers!  

Minimalism keeps the focus on you

While you should put up items that hint about your personality, don’t overdo it. Too much clutter takes away the attention from you and your date will inevitably find themselves scanning the surroundings and trying to make sense of all that input. Keep your background collection but practice a little minimalism, so that the primary focus of the date stays on YOU and not your stuff.

Some closing comments on proper arrangement

Now that you know what you need to do, we wish you luck on your date with that special someone whom you’ve met online. Remember, clean up your space and make sure that you’ve got sufficient lighting to be seen. Make your background both interesting and an expression of who you are, but don’t overdo it or you’ll cause more confusion than clarity.

Finally, have fun and be yourself. With our preparation tips and a little luck, you might just meet that someone special tonight!