So, you’ve joined an online dating site and you are considering a little bit of video dating to see if you want to get to know someone better. If you haven’t had a video date with one of your dating matches yet, then it’s easy to panic a little because flirting online is a bit of a different animal than flirting in person is.

Don’t worry, we’re got you covered. Today we’ll share some tips on how to flirt and we’ll throw in some info for getting the most out of your video dates so that you may proceed with the cool confidence that you need to seal the deal!

Let’s take a look at what you need to know for proper online flirting… don’t worry, it all boils down to the basics!

Ask questions to get them to talk

Keeping the conversation going is critical. You never know when the person you are speaking to is just as shy as you are and it would be a shame to miss out on mister or missus right just because the conversation drops to a dull and date-shattering lull.

So, get them talking about themselves. Ask questions about this person’s life and watch what happens. People love to talk about themselves and getting them to do so shows that you are interested in them and you’ll learn a lot of important things in the process.

Use humor to ‘break the ice’

It’s important that people ‘get’ our sense of humor and so you’ll need to take the plunge and get it out there. You don’t have to be a standup comedian to be heard and appreciated and a great way to show your sense of humor and ‘get it out there early’ is to make a simple, friendly joke about something that you’ve read on their profile.

Don’t be mean about it, of course, flirting is all about keeping things light at first, but if they react poorly then this might be a red flag that you’ll be glad you discovered early. If they receive it well and joke with you too, well that’s even better!

Why not move to social media so that you can learn more?

Flirting is easy when someone knows nothing about you, but you need to get to know each other if you really want to know that this one is a ‘keeper’. So, take things to social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are going to tell you much more about a person since people tend to spend a lot of time there.

It’s a little daunting, letting someone in like that, but that’s a chance you’ve got to take and if you both like what you see, then your flirting is definitely going to be elevated to the next level.

Hedging your bets: Making the most of video dating

When it comes to video dates, we have some quick advice to help you to make the most of them. Use the following tips for best results:

  • Dress up like you would for a physical date. It shows you are making an effort and also gives a glimpse of your personal tastes so that you may see if you are both compatible.
  • Take a good look at what your cam shows before the date. Clean up that area and remove a few things if there is too much clutter. The things that you leave should tell a few things about you.
  • Favorite books or things that you collect are great examples. Just don’t overdo it so that the primary focus is on you.
  • Most importantly, be yourself NOW. The right person will appreciate it and it will help you weed out the wrong ones before you waste your precious time.

Some final words on flirting and online dating

Flirting doesn’t have to be complicated, so stick to the basics with your video dates and you are going to be just fine. Remember, asking questions helps to keep the conversation going and tells you useful things to know about the other person. Give them a taste of your sense of humor too, because you want to know that they ‘get’ you.

Finally, take it to the next level with social media once they’ve passed the ‘surface flirting’ test and see where it goes… just be sure that you are prepared if it’s going to be a video date so that you don’t lose any of your careful progress.

After that… good luck! Let the magic happen and see where it takes you both!