Here are 4 things to remember when you are wanting to date a partner with kids: You are not the number one priority, you need to be a good role model, you are not dating just the partner,  and you need to be confident and secure with yourself.

You Are Not The Number One Priority

When it comes to video dating and your partner with kids, it is good to know off the bat that you are not the number one priority. While the two of you are still learning about each other, it may seem like you are their main focus.

While you are their focus in that moment of time, know that if anything comes up with the kids that you will be pushed to the side within reason. Of course, there still needs to be a level of respect on all levels, which can be achieved with open communication.

But the kid’s safety and needs will need to be met first, and your online dating schedule will have to be rescheduled in these circumstances.

You Need To Be A Good Role Model

When there are kids involved in the online dating world, you need to be a good role model. You will be there to help teach them how to be good adults and good members of society.

You want to show their children how their parents should be treated so that in the future when the kids have partners of their own, they know what to expect and how to act in a good, healthy relationship.

You Are Not Dating Just Your Partner

When you are dating someone with kids, your not just dating the partner anymore. Your one-on-one video dating has evolved into a one-on-two or three etc.

The kids are just as important as the parent and need to be treated with the same amount of respect. Take your time meeting them – it is important not to rush these things.

You Need To Be Confident And Secure With Yourself

Know that in most cases, your partner will be dealing with an ex. There will be schedules that have to mix and mesh together, and co-parenting will have to happen.

It is important to be confident and secure with yourself because jealously has no place in these relationships. Co-parenting can be hard, and sometimes you will have to leave it up to your partner to deal with.

You can help them by being there for them and supporting their decisions.