With the increasing frequency of online dating site interactions, it can be a little bit harder to gauge someone. Video dating is quite a bit different from going out in public together, after all, so how can you tell if your dating matches are really interesting and not just playing around?

If you are wondering how to know if he is interested, then today is your lucky day! Let’s take a look at some telltale signs that can help you to know if this match might well be the last one that you need to talk to!

Instant replies are a very good sign

Sometimes when you are getting to know someone online it seems like they are taking forever to reply. This is definitely something that we notice, but we give people a lot of slack since you never know what someone is doing on the other side of their computer.

When someone takes care to reply to you right away, however, then this is a very good sign that they are interested. It shows you right away that they want to talk to you and they don’t want to risk you getting bored and leaving. This is definitely a good and reliable sign that they are indeed interested in you!

They are obviously paying attention to the conversation

Quick replies aren’t everything, however, so your next step is to determine if they are just sending you quick, canned replies or if they are actually paying attention. Anyone who is trying to get to know you should be paying attention to what you are saying, so if it seems like your match is trying to answer and reply to everything, then this is another very good sign.

If they aren’t, then be careful… they might be having the same conversation with a lot of other people and this could be a big red flag!

If they don’t mind communicating through your favorite platform

We all have our favorite platforms for communicating. Some people like to use WhatsApp or Skype, others enjoy Facebook because you can check each other out with a little more depth. Some people stick completely to the dating site app.

If you have a preferred medium, ask your match to meet you there. If they are obviously ready and willing to talk to you through your favorite program or app, then this is another sign that they are making the effort to get to know you and they are definitely interested in you and hearing what you have to say!

In closing: It’s all about the effort

While dating online is certainly different, with a little attention to the hints that you are receiving, you can easily determine if someone is really interested or if they are just wasting your time. Watch for instant replies to show that they aren’t stringing you along and make sure that they apply to the conversation – no ‘canned player replies’ allowed!

Finally, tell them your favorite meeting place and see what happens. If they aren’t willing to make small efforts like this to please you now, then they obviously aren’t interested enough for you to keep them. If that happens, then hang in there and keep looking… The right one is always worth the wait!