During pandemic-induced social isolation, online dating usage soared. Today, the chance to find a match has never been so easy. Video dating allows you to connect instantly with your date without leaving your time or comfort zone. 

Who is suitable for online dating? The short answer is everyone. There are demographic differences, technological habits, and social backgrounds that might make people more likely to date online.

Check out the six things that indicate who is suitable for online dating.

Who Uses Online Dating? 

Baby Boomers 

Baby Boomers have jumped into online dating as never before. Up to 3% of Boomers enjoy using dating websites. Currently the fastest-growing online dating demographic, Boomers are more likely to seek companionship than marriage.

Gen X  

Like Baby Boomers, Gen Xers are open to online dating. About 9% date online, but report challenges identifying with hookup culture or keeping up with technological advances. 


According to YouGov’s 2021 data, Millennials compose the largest group of online daters at 17% of Americans and 44% of the Millennial age range.

Gen Z

Labeled as “too cool to swipe”, 75% of Gen Z engage with the most innovative dating apps on the market.


Pew Research indicates that people who identify as LGBT use online dating twice as much as straight adults. Currently, 47% of U. S. LGBT adults date online.

Who is Suitable for Online Dating? 

Over 30.4 million people in the U. S. are active on dating sites. Up to 2.51 million people access these dating sites on their smartphones. While everyone is suitable for online dating, Pew Research indicates that certain things can attract people to it.

You’re a Man

More men use online dating services than women. Some surveys report that 39 % of men use it compared to 25% of women. Over 44% of surveyed men reported that chatting online boosted self-worth. Some found it easier to communicate online. The idea of a dating game also appealed to them. The more people you connect with, the more likely you are to win the jackpot.

You’re a Woman 

Since the pandemic, women looking for relationships online increased. According to a 2021 Cision survey, 32% of women tried online dating. It’s not only an efficient and convenient way to find a match, but it might also increase your chance to meet someone that you like. Some women even consider online dating safer.

You’re a College Graduate

While people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, orientations and social classes date online, Pew Research found that 35% of college graduates use dating apps and sites compared to those who never attended college.

You Work Full-time 

Unless you’re finding dates hanging out around the water cooler or at drinks after work, chances are your busy professional schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for dating. Some might feel too tired to hit the dating scene after work. Others live in communities where they’re less likely to find a match.

If you’re unwinding at home, it’s a lot easier to connect with someone online. Surveys find that 63% of wealthy people, mid-level managers, specialists, company heads, and business owners date online.

You’re Technologically-Savvy 

Most online daters come from households with 5 or more mobile devices (compared to the average 3 devices), and access dating sites from Android smartphones or Windows PCs.

You’re a Millennial 

Online dating users are usually millennial, more male than female, work full-time in a career, and are technologically savvy.