Gone are the days when your only options to get to know someone on a first date were to go out for dinner or drinks, or a coffee shop chat. Thanks to video dating technology, you can participate in online dating from the comfort of your own couch. 

There are many benefits to online video dating. It’s convenient. There’s a global range of potential partners. You can connect instantly with anyone in the world. There’s also less pressure when you don’t have to meet in person. Studies suggest that online dating may even lower the fear of rejection.

Despite online dating’s practical benefits, you might struggle to find a good match. Maybe you hit it off. Then something shifted. Before writing off your date, learn the six typical things that turn women off and how to avoid these dating downsides in the future.

1. You’re Arrogant 

Don’t get us wrong. Women love a confident guy, but most aren’t going to appreciate it if you spend the whole date telling them how awesome you are.

Double-check your online dating profile. If you pose for a lot of shirtless selfies, it might be time to show potential dates that your life includes more rounded interests than a close relationship with your mirror.

It’s best to let your qualities speak for themselves. If you brag about your money, car, or looks, you might turn women off. Less is usually more in dating and in life.

2. You’re Dishonest

Nothing turns a woman off faster than lies. Be genuine. Don’t act like Mr. Nice Guy to get her into bed. You should be upfront about your current relationship status and what you want out of a potential relationship.

Avoid white lies or fudging your profile information. If you meet in person, a ten-year-old photo or significant weight gain might show you up.

3. You’re Chauvinistic

This isn’t the 1950s. While gender equality has come a long way, there are still some men who consider themselves superior. This can look like body-shaming, slut-shaming, or talking down to women. This includes the assumption that women need a Prince Charming to save them.

Show respect for a woman’s ideas and opinions rather than exerting your need to always be right. Don’t be that guy.

4. You’re Angry or Aggressive 

You can’t stand different religious or political views. Maybe you get pushy when a woman doesn’t act the way that you want. Anger and aggression are big red flags. Women prefer mature men who know how to manage their emotions.

5. You Have Poor Hygiene

They say that there’s a woman for every man, but most will be turned off if a guy has bad hygiene or poor grooming habits. Although online dating makes this less visible, looking dirty or unkempt during a video date can drive women away. Men want beautiful women who take care of themselves, so it’s fair to expect that women want the same.

6. You Have No Ambition

Women like a guy who has passion and goals. If your dream is to sit in your parents’ basement playing video games, it might be time to pursue a woman who wants the same things.

Women are attracted to men who demonstrate self-awareness, a broad worldview and know what they want out of life. Eliminating bad habits and developing healthy relationship skills will help you use video dating to find your best match.