As Covid-19 spread across the globe, many single people embraced new options such as video dating to pursue their love lives in the middle of a pandemic. As people used Zoom and other apps to regularly connect with friends, family, and coworkers, this helped normalize video socializing. It paved the way for more widespread acceptance of video dating. 

As governments instituted new social norms such as social distancing, mask mandates, and lockdowns, millions of singletons turned to video calls to connect with matches, get to know them better, and even go on virtual dates. According to, Tinder users exploded to 3 billion in March 2020 and OkCupid saw a 700% increase by May. Over on Bumble, video dating calls jumped by 70% in just three months.

You might have seen this massive worldwide shift in dating patterns. Online dating sites and app creators raced to develop video features for people to meet and interact with their dating matches virtually. The surge in video dating demand and supply highlighted three key ways that singles are embracing video dating during COVID-19. 

Global Contact

Before the pandemic, the general attitude (except among Gen Z) towards video dating remained skeptical. Only a few dating apps experimented with video technology. Currently, the rise in video dating technology has allowed singles to expand their dating horizon. While some people might not have previously considered long-distance dating, lockdown loneliness and travel restrictions mean that singles are more willing to date globally. 

Video dating has increased dating worldwide. As people survive the pandemic and look forward to traveling again, dating someone half a world away no longer seems like much of an issue. 


Video dating has also made it easier to sift true from false matches. While dating scams increased during COVID-19, many dating sites now offer video calls that make it easier to determine if the person behind the profile is real. 

Many people reported dating more cautiously now that widespread health concerns and actions to contain the spread are on the table. Both men and women state that video dating during the pandemic has made them get serious about what they want. Video calls offer a forum for more open discussions about backgrounds, beliefs, and COVID-19 status. 

Some people who self-identified as “shy” also found that they had more confidence participating in video dating without the pressures involved in meeting up at a coffee shop or for a first-date dinner. 

Creative Dating

With government guidelines constantly shifting to deal with the virus, many people are hesitant to bring their relationship offline and into the real world. While many have met on socially distanced and open-air dates, others have opted for cozy dates-in with heart-to-hearts over a bottle of wine or a fancy food spread. Others take advantage of video dating features that allow them to watch a movie together in real-time. 

Final Thoughts

Compared to previous years, online dating and video dating blossomed during the pandemic. People are finding new, virtual ways to connect and find love and companionship. 

Online dating and app companies stepped in to improve and increase video dating access and experience. 

The pandemic changed how people viewed and experienced dating. Video technology has allowed people to broaden their dating horizons. Video dating also takes off the initial pressure involved in in-person match meets. Finally, it offers a space to connect, experience companionship during social distancing protocols, and discuss mutual concerns and hopes for the future.