Whatever you choose to wear, you should stick to what you love.

In 2020, the hottest dating spot was our bedroom, a meal, and a glass of wine for one. It took the meaning of online dating to a whole new level. From the online dating site to Zoom or Facetime, video dating became one of the only sources of interaction. But we didn’t leave online dates in 2020, it’s here to stay. 

Once you’ve connected with your dating matches, it’s time to set the scene with the perfect outfit – it can entirely dictate your mood and confidence.

Whatever you choose to wear, you should stick to what you love. Here are some ideas of how to dress for your video dating. 

Cozy and Casual

If you’re watching a film together or playing a game, you might want your look to match the chill vibes. The best options for this look are joggers, loose trousers, or shorts, paired with a cute, comfy top – it’s completely effortless!


If you’re looking for cozy and casual, joggers are the direct definition. You can relax and enjoy your date, but still, feel dressed up.

Cargo Trousers

Cargo trousers are stylish but comfortable. You don’t have to stick to the ordinary black ones. You can find a variety of different styles and patterns, perfect for adjusting to your style.


If it’s a bit hotter, you might want to wear shorts. These could be a looser style of denim like mom shorts, or if you want to go really casual, you could try jersey shorts. 

Cute Top

We’ve all heard that phrase ‘Jeans and a nice top.’ Pairing a more flattering top with joggers can help you feel more styled, while still reaping the benefits of comfort. 

Hot Dinner Date

While it’s sometimes nice to put on a tight dress, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. There are plenty of alternatives that can still look just as good, without the hassle of a tight-fitting dress.


Co-ordinates, or co-ords for short, are a great way to look good with minimal effort. Simply choose a matching top and bottoms, whether that’s trousers, shorts, or a skirt, and look hot for your dinner date.

T-shirt Dresses/Jumper Dresses

T-shirt dresses are another incredible option for your video dinner date. It not only looks good, especially when accessorized with jewelry and a belt, but they’re extremely comfortable to wear. For colder months, you can also style up a jumper dress.


No outfit is complete without accessories. Whichever style you opt for your date, accessorizing can add texture to your outfit and make you stand out. Accessories can help you to express your personality even more.

This could include a pair of earrings, maybe some gold hoops or silver studs, or a belt to outline your figure more, accessories help to bring the complete outfit together. 


Put together an outfit in minutes with these hot tips! The key thing to remember is you shouldn’t compromise your style. These are all closet staples that you could adjust to your preferences. Now, you’re date ready – good luck!